Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Become the Top Property Investor in Your Area with a Virtual Assistant

Is it exhausting to maintain records and enter transactions in your accounting software? Have trouble keeping up with the tenant’s maintenance requests? Perhaps you should hire a virtual assistant for your real estate business.

With a real estate virtual assistant on your team, you can become the top property investor in your area. Here are some best practices for property investors to hire a VA. Post job listings, contact virtual assistant companies or search online for virtual assistants. 

Be Ready To Hire a Real Estate VA

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, you might want to hire the first candidate you find. Don’t rush! Before hiring one, take the time to list out the services you need and the tasks you would like someone to perform. By following the list, you will find someone who will be a perfect fit for you.

Have you fallen behind on data entry by two months? Or maybe you need assistance with your social media management. First, determine your top priorities for now and tasks to be completed in the future, and then hire someone who will execute them.

  1. Have Systems In Place For VA

Establish policies for onboarding and training before adding someone to your team. The procedures should cover all aspects of the job for which they will be responsible.

2. Get To Know Your VA

It would be unthinkable to let a tenant into your home without checking their references, so why not do the same before hiring a virtual assistant. You may employ them to save you time, but what if they input data incorrectly, don’t follow through, or are rude to tenants? It could end up hurting your business.

Whether you hire a virtual assistant from a referral or a virtual assistant company, you should ask them about their experience, the software they’ve used, and call references.

Tasks to Assign To a VA

Virtual assistants can do almost any remote task that helps Property Investors! You can assign most of the tasks to a virtual assistant, such as:

  1. Real Estate Research

Real estate is a competitive industry. To close a deal, they need to answer these questions efficiently. Your virtual assistant can work as an inside sales agent and focus on:

  • Researching property details like location, amenities, and features.
  • Keeping track of market trends and comparing pricing levels for different cities.
  • Perform competitor analysis

This way, you will have all the details at your fingertips without doing the work yourself.

2. Scheduling Appointments

Property Investors have a packed schedule. Appointment scheduling may appear simple, but it’s not! It can be pretty overwhelming to manage your calendar when you have many appointments.

Virtual assistants can assist you with managing your calendar, answering calls and emails to schedule appointments. They know how to use popular calendar tools to schedule your appointments. In addition, a virtual assistant can also remind you of appointments on time so that you won’t miss them.

3. Social Media Marketing

To compete in the market, you need a solid social media presence and a good grasp of digital marketing. Rather than hiring and training an employee in-house, hire a virtual assistant for social media marketing. A virtual assistant will manage your social media campaigns, respond to prospects via social media, and create graphics and marketing materials. 

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