About Us

About Us

BRESS is the fusion of a highly successful real estate investing team and an industry-leading virtual assistant company. We both believed that the system was the solution and by developing proven real estate investing processes to be executed by virtual assistants we could create a system that would be highly efficient and cost-effective while delivering actual purchasing opportunities.

We knew that the greatest salespeople are the worst at doing the mundane tasks associated with getting leads and closing deals. For this reason, we created BRESS to be the team that will handle the administrative paperwork and transactional processes associated with qualifying leads and closing deals. Our clients focus on negotiating the deals, while we do everything else.

About Our Process

  • Data-mine For The Missing Information

  • Cold Call Motivated Sellers

  • Pull Motivated Sellers In Your Area

  • Forward Interested Sellers To The Investor

  • Run Comparables On Potential Purchases

  • Set Up And Schedule The Closing With The Title Company

  • Market Newly Acquired Property To Cash Buyers