Hours Protection Plan

Never Worry About Expiring Hours Again.

Hours Protection Plan

$20 /mo

Billed Monthly, your active protection plan account ensures your hours never expire.

Protect My Hours

Use BRESS Hours Protect Plan and reap the benefits.


You can get any bucket of hours you would like and never have to worry about the hours expiring when you have a slower than expected month/quarter, go for it.

Cancel Anytime

Breathe easy, you’re not tied into any long-term contracts with us. It’s all about flexibility. You can pause, or cancel anytime.

Push Your Expiration date back indefinitely.

Your hours already come with an industry-leading 3-month expiration date. If you have the hour's protection plan in place when purchasing your next bucket, rest assured that your expiration date will be pushed back one month for every month on this plan.

That means if you have this plan in place when purchasing a new bucket of hours. Then decide you don't need the plan, your hours would be good for 3 additional months after canceling your protection plan.

Don’t keep a brighter future for your company on hold.

Sign up today and stop worrying about expiration dates. We can start building your team while you focus on growing your business.
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