Nine Reasons Why One Real Estate Agent Assistant Is Not Enough

9 Reasons Why One Real Estate Agent Assistant Isn’t Enough

Yes. You need more than one real estate agent assistant. We’ve seen it before, (this story should sound familiar)
A real estate agent hires a real estate agent assistant and begins to offload tasks. Soon the real estate agent assistant ends up getting overworked as the business grows – starts getting sick or is absent too often. The real estate business is affected negatively. The agent becomes unhappy and ends the relationship with their real estate agent assistant, all the while chalking this up to another failed attempt. Unfortunately, this is the story all too often – ‘she was great until…’ The story narrative doesn’t have to be this way. Hiring a real estate agent assistant for your real estate business can work and is something within your control.

Ordinarily, real estate transactions consist of calling leads to set up appointments to checking the status of various projects. If it is your first time hiring a real estate agent assistant – try working with a team specially trained to help real estate professionals. Here are nine reasons why you need more than one real estate agent assistant and you’ll find these out to be accurate as you grow your business:

1. Don’t put the fate of your company on one person

Your business is unique. Each real estate agent runs their business differently. There is always that one process in your company that separates you from the competition. Finding one individual that has expertise in all your tools will be like finding a gem in a haystack. Moreover, it is unrealistic to post a job description and expect your applicants to be an expert on each tool. If you do find one, you will discover that this real estate agent assistant will cost you more than your market average and you will be too heavily reliant on that one person. Don’t put the fate of your entire company on one person: This is a disaster waiting to happen. Hire a team of real estate agent assistant who collectively has all of the skills. Now everything does not hinge on one person.

2. Figure out what you need

Your business requires a multi-skilled real estate agent assistant. You are an amazing, goal-driven person and the thing is nobody can be like you overnight! Your business requires calling leads, setting the leads or prospects up in your CRM, and making sure you convert prospects into active leads, plus setting up appointments and showings! Take about thirty minutes of your time to consider the structure of your business – Divide into sales, general admin, and marketing. To be the best version of you, find a team of real estate agent assistants that can cover each area.

3. Focus your efforts

Remember that study that said you need to focus more on one task rather than multi-tasking? Multi-tasking reduces the quality of the output. Well, we get it. By having a team of real estate agent assistants, you keep your team focused on what they do best. We understand that there are days you wish there is more of you to go around – well don’t spread yourself too thin!

4. Keep within your budget

Get the best value for your money! A virtual real estate agent assistant can reduce your overhead costs. You will not need an office for your staff. save on insurance and taxes. save time and money when using a service that vets and trains your staff for you. Spend the savings on expanding your marketing and start growing your business.

5. Nail down your schedule

Some tasks require daily attendance and some that are once a week or once a month. Your workload can be manageable and consistent when you have a team of real estate agent assistants all responsible for different tasks. With the flexibility of a team, you can have one person focus on the daily task while another can focus on that once-a-week or once-a-month task. Things will never fall through the cracks ever again!

6. Reduce Staff and Employer Burnout

Don’t burn out your people, yourself included. We’ve seen talents get wasted on agents who overload their real estate agent assistants. Be wary of this trap – you may have a great person under you but overloading them could mean losing great talent. By the end of the day, what you would want is a group of people who are happy with what they do and are looking forward to working with you the following day. Furthermore, reduce your stress of having to follow up and check on where things are. Or following up to make sure things get done correctly. Gone are the days of the if-you-want to-do-it-right-do-it-yourself mindset. The successful real estate agent knows that: if you want to get things done right, train and treat your people right.

7. Create Redundancy

Things happen in life that might require your staff to be out for a day or extended periods (such as sickness or death in the family). Make sure your business does not stop when your real estate agent assistant is out. Create insurance by having back-ups. You can take over half of the tasks while your other staff is present, so your day is running smoothly on business-as-usual mode.

8. Get more than in less time

Having several real estate agent assistants is the same as having more hands working at the same time. There was a time you might have thought of getting more than one laptop so you can get more done until you realize you only have two pairs of hands. We know how frustrating that feels – if only we have more time. You do have that option – get more people to work for you, so you get more done!

9. Grow your team as you grow your business

We’ve said it time and time again, hiring a virtual real estate agent assistant for your real estate business is never as costly as expanding your office space, buying new computers, and spending more on worker’s compensation and benefits. The virtual working environment has done away with that! Spend more on training your people and less on housing them.

If you already have a real estate agent’s assistant but are having problems. Try We can help with our 20+ years of experience in the real estate industry and our real estate-specific trained staff you will be amazed at what we can do and how quickly we can do it.

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.”
– Paul Ryan

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