Real Estate Virtual Assistant vs. Real Estate INVESTOR Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Virtual Assistant vs. Real Estate INVESTOR Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can handle various tasks for real estate investors. It depends upon your portfolio size and tenants, and whether you need a real estate investor virtual assistant or not. But they can take many tasks off your plate, such as getting new tenants into your rent roll, updating their contact information into your system, and filing leases.

Outsourcing data entry and database management is an excellent way to take advantage of a real estate investor virtual assistant. While these tasks are necessary, they take time and don’t require specialized knowledge. Maintaining accurate tenant records helps your business to comply with local laws and regulations. Real estate virtual assistants act as second eyes to make sure you’re following compliance standards.

A real estate investor virtual assistant can also handle phone calls, respond to emails, and maintain your calendar. Your investor virtual assistant can schedule a meeting if a potential tenant contacts you about a vacant unit. If you do not like dealing with tenants, your investor virtual assistant can act as your customer service representative. You can use a real estate investor virtual assistant to recruit and manage your other team members. Your real estate business can also rely on them for calendar management. In simple terms, an excellent virtual assistant works like an office manager or administrative assistant.

If you consider hiring a virtual assistant for your real estate, hire a Real Estate INVESTOR Virtual Assistant instead of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant. An REI virtual assistant is someone trained in dealing with the day-to-day tasks of a typical real estate investor. So, you can save plenty of time spent on things like list building, comps reports, property research, scheduling & calendar management lead follow-up.

Here are some other reasons why a real estate INVESTOR virtual assistant is better for real estate investors:

  1. Level Of Experience

Some real estate investors prefer a generalist virtual assistant, while some prefer picking an expert. Many VA companies can help you find a virtual assistant with the right level of experience for your specific needs. 

Of course, real estate investor virtual assistants with an extraordinary level of experience will have a price tag to match. The benefits they give are unmatchable. If you aren’t a novice at real estate and have the revenue to justify it, hiring an REI virtual assistant is definitely superior. These guys can take some of the tougher tasks off your plate, which will help you grow even more quickly. Many REI virtual assistants can even offer ideas and experiences that may allow you to generate revenue for your business in ways you might not have thought about.

  1. Scope Of Work

In outsourcing, outcomes are crucial. Before you start, it’s essential to know what you’re going to outsource. Consider where you need help most and how much work you’ve got left for your REI virtual assistant to do. In general, small tasks that don’t drive sales are the best ones to outsource to real estate virtual assistants. But if you want growth in your revenue, hire an REI virtual assistant to do both tasks better and faster. 

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